Drug use is one of Parents' Top Concerns.

Stats show the concern is real.
adults with addiction
started abusing substances
before they turned 18.
Teen views on drugs are changing
of High School Seniors do
not view marijuana as harmful.
Studies now show that brains of developing children are
More Likely
to develop a drug addiction
than those who stay clear of drugs until the age of 21, after which the chances drop to 2%
44% of Middle Schoolers and
80% of High Schoolers say:
They have been offered drugs, seen drug deals and their classmates high on drugs.
This includes private schools, parochial schools, and wealthy suburban areas
While 80% of parents don't believe their child would do drugs — over 47% of their kids do try them.
Monitoring the Future Study, University of Michigan (2014)

See How The PACT Solves
The Problem

It’s like a shield against drugs.

Watch How It Works

The PACT Helps Build Mutual Trust

Trust is a topic that comes up often when talking about drug testing.

The PACT is not meant to be a program that you spring on your kids.

It a preventative tool that encourages upfront, ongoing conversation and mutual commitment.

Agreeing together about the pledge, testing, and rewards goes a long way in building mutual trust.

Saying "No" Is Easier With The PACT

By the age of 17, our kids will be offered drugs countless times.  Always saying "no" isn't as easy as we may hope.

In the moment when it might be easier or "cooler"to say “why not,  the PACT gives them a solid reason to say “no".

By blaming The PACT, they can still be cool.

One of the most supportive things we can do for our kids is take the pressure off of them and put it on The PACT.

Testing Is Private

Drug tests are for your eyes only.  We don't report to schools or anyone else.

Tests go to the lab with only a specimen ID.  No personal information is given.  Results come directly to you by entering your specimen ID.

After 60 days, any internal association of your PACT with a test is destroyed.

You also get to decide if your child passes the test or not.  That way if your child is taking a drug that you approve of, like Adderall, you can pass them.

Learn About Rewards

One genetic researcher who studies the adolescent brain says
she'll pay her teenage daughter $1,000 if she doesn't do drugs
until she's 21.
Genetic Science Learning Center, University of Utah
Watch How Rewards Work

How Rewards Work

Rewards turn your PACT into a two-way commitment and makes the PACT more exciting for your child to participate in.

Each PACT comes with $50 in starter reward money that renews annually.   Additional rewards can be added at any time.

You can also create a long-term reward. Simply designate a portion of your added rewards for a future date and your child can watch it grow.

Your PACT includes a shareable page so you can invite grandparents, family, and friends to join in.

Once there, they can add to your child’s rewards in any denomination - as a one-time event, a recurring monthly gift or through gift cards.

Every time reward money is added, it is split across the next two clean tests so your child always has something to look forward to.

PACT rewards turn gifts into something meaningful and lasting.

Trust & Accountability

As parents, building trust with our kids is vital. This can make deciding to drug test something you question.

We understand. We also understand as the world becomes more complicated so do the daily pressures our kids face.

Always making the right choices isn’t quite that simple.

We designed the PACT to focus on protection, open communication, accountability, and appropriate rewards. Testing is just a tool.

The PACT shields your child in ways that you might not be able to by giving them the ability to say “I can’t” in the exact moment when it might be easier to say “why not”.

By discussing and creating a real agreement about drugs, you and your child can build on the foundation of open discussion free from pressure or suspicion.

PACT Privacy

Your child’s privacy is as important to us as if they were our own and in some cases they are our own.

One concern we, and you may have, is whether the drug tests could be used against our children in the future.

The simple answer is No.

The testing process is completely anonymous. Tests have no personal information associated with them only a specimen id.

With no formal collection process only you can know for sure whose test sample it is.

We are committed to providing you and your child a safe and secure way to manage the testing process.


Teen Brains Are Wired To Seek Rewards

As kids get older, they prefer money over other gifts.  With good reason.

Studies show that the reward center in teen brains is more responsive to money than adults.  It's also directly related to the choices they make.

Unfortunately, no one knows which child will become addicted from drug experimentation.

If you're going to tie rewards to something, why not something as important as drugs.

* Journal of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Galvan A et al)

Rewards Help Teach About Savings

We set up rewards to come after a positive outcome and a long-term savings event.

When family or friends add reward money, you can defer some or all of it to a savings component.

Long-term savings can be tied to a car, graduation or whatever you and your child choose.

This way, your child learns delayed gratification which has been tied to greater success in all areas of life.

The PACT Gives Parents & Kids A Platform For Successs

Parent involvement is the number one reason kids stay away from drugs.  Yet, it's one of the more difficult topics to discuss.

The PACT is a platform designed to make it easier.

Our conversation guides, access to support, and approach make the topic of drugs something you do together.

Keeping the dialogue about drugs front and center sets both you and your child up for success.

Early exposure to drugs is a key risk factor for addiction.

The unique development of the teen brain, coupled with significant peer and other pressure, makes teens particularly vulnerable to addiction.

-Arwen Podesta M.D.
Board Certified Psychiatrist, Sub-Specialty in Addiction Medicine

The PACT is helping families in surprising ways. What will your story be?

  • My son was falsely accused at school.

    My son was hanging with a group of kids suspected of smoking pot at his school.

    Since he’s on The PACT, I was able to show the school his clean drug test results.  It was a relief for me to know without a doubt, my son wasn’t part of that.

    Those test results saved me and my son from a big distraction and from him feeling like no one believed him. I didn’t realize how important that was until I saw what the other parents and kids had to endure to prove it wasn’t true.

    Whit K. - PACT Subscriber
  • I was surprised when my daughter asked me for The PACT.

    I was talking about The PACT with a friend.  I guess my daughter overheard me saying that I wasn’t sure I would create a PACT because I trusted her.

    After my friend left, my daughter came up to me and said she wanted me to get this for her.

    I never realized the pressure she actually faces.  The PACT ended up being a great tool to support her.  She feels more comfortable having something to blame when saying “no.”

    Robert G.- PACT Subscriber
  • The PACT made the conversation easier.

    The PACT gave me the opportunity and tools to open the conversation about drugs with my daughter in a different way.

    I was shocked to learn how much my 12-year-old was actually was exposed to.  Even at the good school she goes to.

    This made my decision easy.  Now, my daughter bugs me about the tests so she can get her reward money!

    Laura S. - PACT Subscriber

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