The world's first connected muscle recovery system

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A Discovery In Recovery

The Trainer's Touch

Behold Your Sixth Sense

6 muscle sensors that draw more insights than any other device

Known Pain = No Pain

Harness data-rich muscular insights to track and treat pain

Actionable Plans from Actual Scans

Your muscle condition informs custom exercise regimes

Give Your Muscles Some Conditional Love

Massage parameters automatically adapt to your muscles’ condition

Relief Within Reach

Sleek, ergonomic handle reaches hard-to-reach areas

Mobile App

Pact app screenshot - Analyze Your Muscles

Personalized Recovery Content

Provides personalized recovery content guided by your muscle scans data

Pact app screenshot - Smart Scan Guidance

Track Soreness Profile and History

Reads, stores, and tracks your soreness profile and history based on muscles scans

Pact app screenshot - Library of Preset Routines

Library of Preset Routines

Has a large library of routines for you to select or customize

Brain Meets Brawn

Advanced scientific technology pioneered by MIT Engineers

Relief Runs Deep

Deeply massage muscles beyond the surface

A Sight for Sore Everything

Stunning compact design masters from and function

Support For Any Sport

Improves long-term performance in any activity

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