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A Discovery in Recovery

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Muscle Profile Tracking

Reads, stores, and tracks your muscle condition over time

Press to Recover

Scan your muscle with just the click of a button

Instant Insights

Instantly evaluate the condition of your muscles right after each scan

A Body of Data

Collect over 5000 data points in seconds

The Trainer’s Touch

Quickly extract mechanical properties from your muscles

Actionable Plans from Actual Scans

Your muscle condition informs custom recovery sessions

Bluetooth Connecting

Pact Sense seamlessly connects with Pact Mobile App for scan results with each scan taking less than 5 seconds.

Pact Sense AppPact Sense App
Less than

5 Seconds

Per Scan

Pact iOS App

The Pact Mobile App is the premium recovery app. Connecting to the Pact Sense, users can scan their muscles and review their Muscle Stiffness Score for insights about their muscles. Android support coming Q4 2023.

Pact Sense App

Scan and Track Muscle Stiffness

Measures the state of your muscles, offering valuable insights and the ability to track your Muscle Stiffness over time

Pact App

Personalized Recovery Content

Generates a Recovery Session based on your scan results to help relieve your specific muscle tension

Pact Sense App

Library of Preset Sessions

Offers a large collection of trainer-led Sessions focused on recovery for different sports, activities, and muscle regions

A Discovery in Recovery

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