We are a Boston-based startup developing adaptive hardware and software solutions in the health and fitness space.

Our goal is to help people recover better and improve long term physical performance.

MIT Mechanical Engineering. 5 years in consumer products at Sonos. Wellness/fitness enthusiast.

Bridget Hunter-Jones

CEO | Founder

MIT PhD Mechanical Engineering. Advanced Robotics & Controls. Water Polo Player & Coach. Open Water Swimmer.

Craig Cheney, PhD

CTO | Founder

MIT Hatsopoulos Professor. 200+ patents, 30+ companies from his inventions or co-inventions. Creative genius.

Ian Hunter, PhD

Chief Inventor | Founder

MIT Linguistics. Serial Entrepreneur. Founder & CEO Misfit (sold to Fossil for $300m).

Sonny Vu


MIT PhD Mechanical Engineering. Advanced System Identification. Commuting warrior (loves to bike).

Geehoon Park, PhD

Sr. Systems Engineer

Startup & VC experience in multiple geographies. Thinker of digital realities. Martial Arts Practitioner

Walter Tran

Marketing and Communications Manager

Learning 24/7. Analog photography enthusiast. Handcrafted notebook aficionado. Made in Si Gon, Yamanashi, Oxford

Jo Phan

Marketing Associate

BS in Computer Science and Engineering. Embedded programming. Kombucha brewer, strength trainer.

Erin Burba

Embedded Engineer

B.S. Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering. Altium artist. Hiker, snowboarder, soccer player.

Marek Harabin

Electrical Engineer

6 years in graphic design. Adaptable, passion and self-motivated designer. Fond of diving

Vy Ha

Visual Designer

LeTourneau University Mechanical Engineering. 5 Years in mass produced hardware. Hiker, carpenter, mechanic, and tool collector.

Zach Guzaitis

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Advocate for the user. 13 years developing SW for HW, previously at Sonos and Harmonix Games. Dad, husband, musician, kayaker.

Jonathan Pardo

Director of Digital Product

BS in Forestry. Experience in the aerospace industry. Hiker, rock climber, musician.

Isaac Estey

Engineering Technician

MIT MEng Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Former iOS Developer @ Apple. Marathon runner.

Nicole O'Brien

Senior Software Engineer

Functional Fitness Training Expert. Over a decade in the fitness industry. Obsessed with coffee, sandbags, and ice baths. My kids are my cardio.

Lina Midla

Athletics Development Lead

Princeton B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD in exercise physiology. Research study design and analysis, formerly exercise research, engagement and programming at Hydrow. I’m recently very into cold water swimming.

Kristin Haraldsdottir

Physiology Research Director

BS in Biomedical Engineering. 3+ years in research. Rock climber, slackliner, and fitness enthusiast.

Matt Clark

Research Associate

Advisory Board

Clinical Director at ATI Physical Therapy | Athletic Trainer

Andrew Rizza,MS,ATC,LAT,PTA

Advisory Board Member

Founder & CEO Portal Instruments

Patrick Anquetil, Ph.D.

Advisory Board Member

Former Chief Business Officer Whoop

Deborah Poole

Advisory Board Member

Founder / CEO of Parisi Training Systems Inc., a Sports Performance Education Company

Bill Parisi

Advisory Board Member

MIT PhD Mechanical Engineering. Computer Science. Advanced Modelling and Optimization.

Adam Spanbauer, PhD

Advisory Board Member

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