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Personalized Recovery For Long Term Performance

We build adaptive hardware and software solutions to help you recover faster, feel better, and perform at your peak.

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We are a Boston-based startup developing adaptive hardware and software solutions in the health and fitness space.

Our goal is to help people recover better and improve long term physical performance.

MIT Mechanical Engineering. 5 years in consumer products at Sonos. Wellness/fitness enthusiast.

Bridget Hunter-Jones

CEO | Founder

MIT PhD Mechanical Engineering. Advanced Robotics & Controls. Water Polo Player & Coach. Open Water Swimmer.

Craig Cheney, PhD

CTO | Founder

MIT Hatsopoulos Professor. 200+ patents, 30+ companies from his inventions or co-inventions. Creative genius.

Ian Hunter, PhD

Chief Inventor | Founder

MIT Linguistics. Serial Entrepreneur. Founder & CEO Misfit (sold to Fossil for $300m).

Sonny Vu

CCO | Founder

MIT PhD Mechanical Engineering. Advanced System Identification. Commuting warrior (loves to bike).

Geehoon Park, PhD

Sr. Systems Engineer

MIT Mechanical Engineering. 6 years in consumer product hardware. Avid climber.

Chad Bean

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

>25 years of software architecture and development experience. Practical thinker. Curious about everything. Lover of sunflowers and banana bread.

Andreas Randow

Director Digital Product

Deeply curious, collaborative, experienced user researcher. 8+ years in the field including consumer tech, HW & SW products, medical devices. Story teller. Artist. Lifelong learner. All things movement.

Amy Dexter

User Insights

Award Winning Designer. Med-Devices, Wearables, Software. Ex-Amazon & Startup Veteran.

Tim Golnik

Lead Designer

Startup & VC experience in multiple geographies. Thinker of digital realities. Martial Arts Practitioner

Walter Tran

Marketing and Communications Manager

Learning 24/7. Analog photography enthusiast. Handcrafted notebook aficionado. Made in Si Gon, Yamanashi, Oxford

Jo Phan

Marketing Associate

BA in Geology. Nationally certified ski instructor. Hiker, cyclist, skier, knitter, and gardener

Erica Lehner

Head of People Operations

BFA in Animation + Visual Narratives. 6+ years in 2D/3D animation, computer graphics + design. Casual boxer.

Nancy Marcel

Animation Engineer

MIT Mechanical Engineering. Likes learning languages. Dancer‍.

Upa Adhikari

Mechanical Engineer

BS in Computer Science and Engineering. Embedded programming. Kombucha brewer, strength trainer.

Erin Burba

Embedded Engineer

B.S. Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering. Altium artist. Hiker, snowboarder, soccer player.

Marek Harabin

Electrical Engineer

6 years in graphic design. Adaptable, passion and self-motivated designer. Fond of diving

Vy Ha

Visual Designer

I have beed designing for 10 years. I always hope that I will receive a lot of honest feedback to develop myself more and more.

Lucia Duong

Visual Designer

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Spiral shape

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