Operations Coordinator

Boston, MA

Job Description

  • Manage sales Operations
  • Facilitate logistics of the warehouse, transportation, and customer service
  • Communicate and negotiate with manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, and retailers
  • Supervise and organize orders of raw materials and equipment to support pre and post production
  • Coordinate and monitor operations of the supply chain
  • Optimize procedures with logistics IT
  • Track final product shipments, costs, and timelines according to requirements
  • Resolve shipment and inventory issues
  • Keep detailed, organized records of orders and stock
  • Prepare accurate reports according to the expectations of upper management
  • Analyze data, and suggest modifications and improvements accordingly
  • Adhere to all safety standards, regulations, laws, and policies
  • Recruit, hire, train, and schedule logistics and customer happiness staff
Customer Success
  • Be the voice of the customer by maintaining direct communication and understanding issues as they arise
  • Build out and grow our customer service model to match product evolution and customer growth
  • Implement tools to optimize customer happiness
  • Work directly with sales and marketing to forecast orders
  • Collaborate with our Product and Engineering teams to make changes to the customer experience through internal tools
  • Help to manage and grow new outsourced relationships
  • Develop the detailed performance metrics that link overall customer experience goals down to individual performers
  • Establish and maintain a rigorous QA system that can keep pace with our growth
  • Lead our Customer Happiness Team and serve as a mentor by providing coaching around career growth and sharing candid feedback that retains our top talent by keeping them learning and growing


  • Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management preferred, but will also consider business administration or other relevant field
  • 2+ years of proven, successful experience as a logistics coordinator or supply chain manager preferred
  • Highly organized
  • High level of analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to multitask and track multiple processes throughout the supply chain and customer experience
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Great communication with internal and external manufacturing team
  • Knowledge of safety standards, regulations, laws, and policies regarding logistics

Preferred Skills

  • Experience of logistics software (ERP)
  • Managing overseas supply chain
  • Working directly with customers
  • Experience working in consumer electronics