Pact Mobile App

The Pact Mobile App allows you to connect with Pact Sense to read your muscle insights,  provides you with an optimized warm up / cool down routine for your body, and control Pact Pulse’s strength and pace with comfort.

Pact app screenshot - Smart Scan Guidance

Smart Scan Guidance

Recommends relevant muscles associated with your pain to scan.

Pact app screenshot - Track Soreness Profile

Track Soreness Profile

Monitor progress over time.

Pact app screenshot - Analyze Your Muscles

Analyze Your Muscles

Analyze your scan results to infer the condition of your muscles.

Pact app screenshot - Sessions Made for You

Sessions Made for You

Generates routines based on your scans.

Pact app screenshot - Library of Preset Routines

Library of Preset Routines

The Pact Mobile App has a large library of routines that you can select from. You can also build your own customized routine with from the presets.

Pact app screenshot - Record Muscle Readiness Index

Record Muscle Readiness Index

Record and store your Muscle Readiness Index scan results.