A Discovery In Recovery

Pact Sense

Pact Sense scans your muscles and determines their condition to create the perfect warm up or recovery routine for your body.

Pact Pulse

Pact Pulse intelligently adapts the massaging treatment based on your scans to give you a personalized recovery experience.

Pact Sense


Pact Sense

Precise. Compact. Insightful.

Pact Sense is a muscle scanner packed with sensors that measure your muscle properties and inform a customized recovery treatment.

Actionable Plans from Actual Scans

Your muscle condition informs custom exercise regimes

Known Pain = No Pain

Harness data-rich muscular insights to track and treat pain

Derive in Five

Each scan takes less than 5 seconds

Press to Recover

Scan your muscle with just the click of a button

Pact Pulse


Pact Pulse

Powerful. Smart. Personalized.

Pact Pulse intelligently adapts its massage routines based on your scans to give you a personalized and effective recovery experience.

A Sight For Sore Everything

Stunning compact design masters form and function

Interchangeable Attachment Heads

7 different attachments suit every muscle group

Power On and On

Extension handle doubles your battery life

Relief Within Reach

Sleek, ergonomic handle allows you to reach any area of your body unassisted

Attachment Heads

Soft Point
Ultra-soft Foam
Soft Ball

Pact Sport



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Pact Pro



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