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As you well know, palpating muscles reveals significant details about the wellbeing of the underlying tissue. The Pact Sense quickly provides an objective measure of the mechanical state of that tissue—which means that you can track your client’s injuries and recovery progress using hard data.

Elevate Your Practice

Showing your clients their measurable progress keeps them motivated to keep coming back, and gives you the tools to make precise recommendations. The Pact Sense allows you to

Data Driven Insights

Using the mobile app to analyze the scan results, you’ll be able to offer more targeted and accurate guidance to your clients

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We are welcoming professionals like you to give Pact a try and let us know what we can do to improve the software to make it the most useful for your practice and your clients

Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers are eligible for a discount
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White papers

Analyzing Muscles with the Pact Sense Scanner

This white paper details how the Pact Sense muscle scanner functions, the technical aspects of what the device is measuring, and the underlying technology that powers the device. Additionally, several research studies verifying the device performance are covered, illustrating applications of the Pact Sense

Muscle Characterization Using System Identification

Pact Sense session graph

This white paper details how Impact Biosystems uses System Identification techniques to measure the mechanical properties of the muscle. With these techniques, Impact can quantify palpation of the muscles and providing meaningful insights to physical therapists and trainers

Pact Scanner Parameters General Overview

There are four parameters that the Pact system uses to characterize the mechanical state of muscle - stiffness, damping, stiffness slope, and damping slope. With these four parameters, Pact can quantify the state of any superficial muscle and the soft tissues around it.

Knot Detection with the Pact Sense

Knots, or myofascial trigger points, can be detected using the Pact Sense. Read our white paper to learn more

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