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Muscular Insights

Measure muscle stiffness, mass, and damping

A Body of Data

Collect 5000 data points in seconds

Derive in Five

Under 5 seconds per scan

Power On and On

Hundred of scans per charge

Lightweight Design

0.7lbs (0.35kg)

Packed with Sensors

2x position sensors, accelerometer, IMU, current sensor, force sensor

A revolution in

muscle scanning


At least 150 scans per charge
700 mAH Lithium-Ion
USB-C Charging Port
0.7lbs (0.35kg)
1 year limited warranty

What’s in the Box

Pact Sense case
  • Pact Sense
  • USB-C Charger (US Only)
  • Charging Cable
  • Hard Shell Case

The Power of a Personal Trainer in Your Hands

Pact analyzes your muscles’ condition to recommend the best recovery sessions for you

Known Pain = No Pain

Harness data-rich muscular insights to track and treat pain

Derive in Five

Each scan takes lsss than 5 seconds

A Sight for Sore Everything

Stunning compact design masters form and function

A Discovery in Recovery

6 muscle sensors that draw more insights than any other device

Pact Sense see-through

How does Pact Sense work?

The Pact system uses the data collected from the Pact Sense, as well as your demographic information, to calculate your Muscle Stiffness Score. Similar to how a trainer or physical therapist provides a subjective assessment of your muscles, our Pact provides objective data that can be used to track your progress over time.


Pact App in action

The Pact Mobile App allows you to connect with Pact Sense to read your muscle insights and provides you with an optimized warm up / cool down routine for your body.

Track Stiffness Score

Monitor progress over time.

Pact App

Analyze Your Muscles

Analyze your scan results to infer the condition of your muscles.

Sessions Made for You

Generates routines based on your scans.

Pact Mobile App Guide

Getting started


Download the Pact Mobile App

Download the Pact: Muscle Recovery app from the App Store. Follow in-app instructions to create your account.

Pact Sense device pairing with phone


Your First Scan

Charge Pact Sense:  Plug the scanner into a power outlet using the provided cable and wall adapter. The LED’s color will indicate charge level.

Power on/off: Press and hold the button for 2s until the LED turns on/off.

Connect to the app: Enable Bluetooth on your iOS device, and use the Pact app to connect to your scanner.

  • An app or firmware update may be required. Follow the in-app instructions to make sure your system is up-to-date.

Scan: Use the Pact app to prepare your scanning session and find the ideal position for measuring your muscles. When you’re ready, tap the button to start scanning.

User Manual

For complete details, download the User Manual.

Additional Info

For more support, view our FAQs or contact us at

Pact Sense App

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